The Abandoned Property Program (APP)

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Purpose of the Program

The Abandoned Property Program (APP) was created in 2010 by the Illinois General Assembly. Funded through foreclosure filing fees under the Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund (ARPMR, or APP), APP provides grants to municipalities and counties to secure, maintain, demolish, and rehabilitate abandoned residential properties within their jurisdiction.

Who is Eligible

To be eligible, applicants must be a municipality, county, or land bank located in the State of Illinois. A county or municipality may join with other counties/municipalities and together submit a single application. However, each county/municipality may only apply once per funding round.

By statute, allocations for the APP program are distributed as follows:

  • 25% to the City of Chicago,
  • 30% to Cook County and municipalities in Cook County other than the City of Chicago,
  • 30% to the Collar Counties (DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will) and municipalities within those counties, and
  • 15% to other areas of the state.

Eligible Properties

  • 1-6 unit residential properties in the State of Illinois
  • Properties that meet the definition of “abandoned” per Program Rules
  • Manufactured home taxed as real property with a foundation and no hitch or wheels
  • Properties may have garages, outbuilding, and/or sheds (demolition/removal of these buildings is an eligible cost if associated residential property meets the definition of “abandoned” per Program Rules)

Ineligible Properties

  • Residential properties knowingly occupied by legal or non-legal residents
  • Historically registered properties
  • Commercial, industrial, or agricultural properties
  • Mixed use properties with a residential component

Application Deadline

There is expected to be one cycle per year based on applications received and funds available.

Application Process

A municipality or county applies to the Illinois Housing Development Authority. Information on future funding rounds can be found on IHDA’s Revitalization and Repair Programs website, or by emailing

How Funds are to be used

Grant funds may be used for securing, maintaining, demolishing, or limited exterior rehabilitation to address safety concerns of abandoned homes. The rehabilitation of an abandoned residential property is strictly limited in scope to address exterior building safety concerns such as repairing the roof, windows, doors, masonry, or walkways of an abandoned residential property.

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