Rental Housing Support Program

  • Illinois Housing Development Authority
  • 111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1000
  • Chicago, Illinois, 60601
  • 312-836-5263
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Purpose of the Program

IHDA administers the State-funded rental assistance program through local administering agencies (LAA), targeting households at 30% area median income or below, with 50% targeted at 15% area median income or below. Funded in 3-year cycles. A provision also encourages assistance of up to 30% of tenants as special needs populations (homeless/at-risk of homelessness, persons with disabilities, persons in danger of going into or residing in a nursing home or similar facilities). The Long Term Operating Support (LTOS) component of RHSP (minimum of 10% of each year’s allocation) more directly targets affordable housing being developed or recently developed. The City of Chicago receives a statutory sub-allocation each year (43%).

Who is Eligible

Households at 30% area median income or below with 50% at 15% area median income or below

Application Process

See additional details on IHDA’s website at  or contact IHDA at

Availability of Funds

Funding varies on annual award amounts

How Funds are to be used

Fund must be used for rental assistance only

Types of Assistance


Year Program was established