On the Front Line: Skills for Excellent Customer Service In Your Community

  • University of Illinois Extension
  • 905 S. Goodwin Avenue
  • Urbana, IL 61801
  • Phone: 217-333-5126
  • Email: asilvis@illinois.edu or perica@illinois.edu
  • Website Address:

Purpose of the Program

On the Front Line: Skills for Excellent Customer Service in your Community is a ten-part customer service educational workshop geared for anyone who works with customers, clients, patients, members, or constituents. The customizable ten learning sessions include: Understanding Customer Service Impact in the Community, Defining Customer Service and Integrating your Mission, Understanding Customers Culture and Diversity, Demonstrating Good Customer Service Techniques, In-person Communication (verbal/non-verbal), Telephone Technique, Delivering Customer Service Online, Unhappy Customers, Keeping Customers Happy, and Using Skills Learned to Develop a Personal Development Plan.

Who is Eligible

Businesses, Community Organizations.

Application Process

Availability of Funds

How Funds are to be used

Types of Assistance

Year Program was established