Invest in Illinois

  • Office of the Illinois State Treasurer
  • 400 West Monroe, Suite 401
  • Springfield, IL 62704
  • Phone: (866) 458-7327
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Purpose of the Program

Three Impact Investment Deposit Programs. Invest in Illinois is a collection of programs offered by the Treasurer’s Office – (1) Ag Invest, (2) Business Invest and (3) Community Invest – that provide impact investment deposits to lending institutions to provide consumer loans, assist with farm-related expenses, finance business expansion and fund other important economic development activities. By providing access to State investment capital at a lower rate, Invest in Illinois incentivizes financial institutions to lend to groups marginalized by limited loans or high-interest rates at a lower cost to borrowers.

Community Development Linked Deposit Programs (Linked Deposit).  The suite of Invest in Illinois impact investment deposit programs, including Ag Invest, Business Invest CUP and Community Invest Opportunity Illinois are community development linked deposit programs that provide below-market deposit funds to financial institutions for the purpose of providing low-interest loans to qualified borrowers at the direction of the Treasurer’s Office. Through community development linked deposits, the Treasurer’s Office earns an investment return on the money deposited, participating financial institutions earns interest on their money lent, and qualified borrowers gain access to reduced-cost loans they can use to access capital for personal means. expand their business or improve their farm.

Who is Eligible

Businesses, community organizations and other groups.

Step 1:  Become an Approved Program Depository

To participate in Invest in Illinois, financial institutions must be or apply to become an approved program depository with the Treasurer’s Office.

Step 2:  Review Eligibility and Submit Application

Approved depositories (see Step 1) seeking to determine their eligibility and apply for funds under any of the Invest in Illinois Programs must review the terms and conditions and submit the appropriate application.

To learn more about the Invest in Illinois programs, please contact the Invest In Illinois team at (866) 458-7327 or email


  • A participating financial institution must approve borrower application (varies by program)
  • Must be an Illinois resident
  • Loan terms: 1, 2 or 3 year
  • Business Invest program- Borrower or Financial Institution must be located in an Enterprise or Opportunity Zone, or Low-Income Community

Application Process

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Types of Assistance


How Funds are to be Used

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