Elevate Energy

Purpose of the Program

Helps low income residents save fuel and money, while increasing comfort of their homes. Weatherization services provided by local community action agencies or not-for-profit agencies throughout the state.

Who is Eligible

Client eligibility is granted to any person who is a resident of the State of Illinois and whose household income is not greater than an amount determined annually by the Department, in consultation with the Policy Advisory Council, may apply for assistance pursuant to this Act in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Department.

Programs in Illinois Include:

Bill Savings Programs on Energy

Elevate Energy is a national leader in demand response pricing programs that help customers save money and protect the environment. Whether you rent or own your home, these programs can help you save on your monthly electricity costs.

Illinois Solar for All

Elevate Energy serves as the Program Administrator for Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) on behalf of the Illinois Power Agency, an independent state government agency.

Incentives are made available for residential properties, facilities that house non-profits and public agencies, and community solar projects serving customers with low incomes.

To learn more about the program, visit the ILSFA website or call 1-888-970-ISFA (4732).

Application Process

Online Application Process For Utility Bill Savings is Located Here.

Availability of Funds

How Funds are to be used

Grant funds will be used for the following: client services and administration.

Types of Assistance

Year Program was established