Community Revitalization Technical Assistance Program

  • Illinois Housing Development Authority
  • 111 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1000
  • Chicago, Illinois, 60601
  • Phone: 312-836-7460 or 312-836-7438
  • Email:
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Purpose of the Program

IHDA provides Community Revitalization technical assistance to communities, local governments and affordable housing developers throughout Illinois. For communities and local governments, IHDA works to help expand capacity to include affordable housing as part of their community’s growth and empower communities to identify and meet local housing needs by conducting various planning activities and producing formal planning documentation alongside local residents.

Technical Assistance is provided in some of the following areas:

  • Coordinate community outreach and planning activities
  • Understand market data and housing conditions to determine needs
  • Economic Development
  • Understand the guidelines for preparing Community Revitalization Strategies on your Low Income Housing Tax Credit application
  • Coordinate with other state, regional, and federal agencies who may be able to meet your community’s needs
  • Strategically plan for future tax credit development sites
  • Gain expertise regarding housing development, planning processes, and utilizing governmental resources
  • Connect to market analysis tools that help communities understand and predict trends in their areas, particularly related to housing
  • Begin the process of intergovernmental/multi-jurisdictional coordination and planning
  • Strategize future planning and investment in your community

Affordable housing developers will also benefit from this technical assistance as the plans developed by or in conjunction with IHDA will help to provide a clearer path through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit process. Full Community Revitalization plans developed under this program are incentivized within the competitive Low Income Housing Tax Credit 9% application. Investors will be able to connect to and potentially utilize the market analysis tools and funding sources identified by the strategy.

Who is Eligible

For more information, please go to

Application Deadline

Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Application Process

Technical assistance is requested by visiting IHDA’s webpage and submitting a Community Revitalization Technical Assistance Intake Form or emailing a paper version of the form to

How Funds are to be used

There are no funds required to receive technical assistance, and an agreement to perform technical assistance should not be construed as a guarantee of future funding.  An agreement between IHDA and applicant will determine the scope of the assistance.

Types of Assistance

Technical Assistance

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