Airport Improvement

  • Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
  • 2300 S. Dirksen Parkway,
  • Springfield, IL 62764
  • Phone: (217) 782-4215
  • Fax: (217) 782-3971
  • Website:

Purpose of the Program

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s Airport Improvement Program includes projects at airports throughout the state to ensure continued safe and efficient operations at these facilities, as well as maximizing opportunities for economic development in Illinois.

Who is Eligible

Eligible applicants include counties, municipalities, airport authorities, port districts and park districts. The airport or proposed airport must be publicly-owned or be a privately operated designated reliever and be reflected in the approved National Airport System Plan and State Airport System Plan.

Application Process

Airport project requests are generally submitted in November as a result of our Airport Transportation Improvement Program meetings held in September. Additional request can also be submitted on an as needed basis throughout the year.

How Funds are to be used

Funds must be used on State and /or Federal eligible projects

Types of Assistance

Technical Assistance, Grants