Rural Research Reports

Title Authors Year
1 Strategies for Addressing the Nursing Shortage:  Examples from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas,Misouri, and Nebraska McLaughlin, W. Russinof, H. Cooksey, J. 2003
2 Creating Value-Added Opportunity for the Beef Industry and Rural Communities of Illinois Martin, C. Rusk, C. 2003
3 Marketing Material Guidebook for Rural Illinois Regions Prager, A. 2003
4 A Study of Fiscal Trends on Leisure Service Delivery in Illinois’ Small-Town Public Recreation Agencies from FY96 to FY00 Schaumleffel, N. Smith, D. ODell, I. Yoder, D. 2003
5 Agritourism:  An Economic Opportunity for Illinois Wicks, B. Merrett, C. 2003
6 Agricultural Producers and Local Economic Development:  An Update Walzer, N. Eggert, J. Merrett, C. 2003
7 A Study of Internet Use Patterns and Broadband Availability Among Rural Illinois Households and Small Businesses Schumacher, S 2003
8 The Challenge of NIMBY Thinking in Rural America Beckmann, T. 2003
9 Becoming a New Age Rural Community:  Building by Example Smith, G. 2003
10 Attracting Population to a Small Community:  The Case of Traer, Iowa Smith, M 2003
11 Success Factors for Organizing and Operating New Agribusinesses or for Entering into Joint Ventures Acker, D. 2003
12 Filling the Rural Equity Capital Gap:  The Role for Nontraditional Venture Capital Markley, D. 2002
13 Keeping Rural Illinois Vibrant:  State Policies for the 21st Century Walzer, N. Gruidl, J. Sutton, L. 2002
14 Issues Facing Rural Illinois:  DCCA 5-Year Plan Trudell, J. 2002
15 Rural Midwestern Seniors and Mobile Homes: Characteristics and Issues George, L. Bylund, R. 2002
16 Brownfields and Local Economic Development Duncan, S. 2002
17 Internet Purchases by Rural Residents Colavito, J. Walzer, N. 2002
18 County Law Enforcement in Rural Illinois:  Issues, Trends, and Emerging Strategies Johnson, R. Campbell, R. Walzer, N. 2002
19 The RIDES Mass Transit River Taxi Project:  A Regional Tourism Development Case Study Antonucci, F. 2002
20 Health Communication:  A Strategy for Reaching Rural Residents Clark, M.J. McLaughlin, W. Straub, L. 2002
21 Making Sense of the Census:  Changing Populations and Changing Housing Need in a Six County Area Struthers, C. 2002
22 The Problem and Solutions:  Teacher Shortages in Rural America and Suggestions for Solution McCaw, D. Freeman, R. Philhower, S. 2002
23 Connecting Farmers and Communities for Rural Development:  The Role of Community Supported Agriculture McLaughlin, P. Merrett, C. 2002
24 Governmental Structure in Illinois Walzer, N. 2002
25 Analysis of an Important Health Issue for Rural Illinois Women McNamara, P. 2001
26 Unconventional Wisdom: Application to At-Risk StudentsUnconventional Wisdom:Application to At-Risk Students Hansen, M. Freeman, R. 2001
27 Starting a Telecommunications Plan in Your Community Bonnett, T. 2001
28 Population Trends in Rural Illinois Walzer, N. 2001
29 Contracting Support Services in Rural School Districts Johnson, R. 2001
30 Perceptions of Housing in Rural Illinois: Report from the Illinois Rural Life Panel Struthers, C. 2001
31 Rising to Meet the Digital Challenge in Rural Communities: A Growing Divide? Tscheschlok, C. 2001
32 Quality of Life in Rural Illinois: Changing Perceptions Walzer, N. Sutton, L. 2001
33 Knowledge as a Resource—Networks Do Matter: A Study of SME Firms in Rural Illinois Solymossy, E. 2000
34 Telecommunications and Rural Teleconomic Development Beatty, J. 2000
35 Complementary Medicine in Rural Illinois: Provider Views Straub, L. Henley, E. 2000
36 COPC Competencies in family Medicine Curricula and Practice Longlett, S. Phillips, D. Wesley, R. 2000
37 Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs of Small Illinois Communities Randall, A. 2000
38 State and Federal Programs for Homeownership and Housing Development Struthers, C. 2000
39 The Limited Liability Company Versus the New Generation Cooperative:  Alternative Business Forms for Rural Economic Development Brown, R. Merrett, C. 2000
40 Pharmacy Services in Rural Illinois: Current Issues Straub, L. Tripp, C. 2000
41 Best Practices in Using Technology to Enhance Learning Garton, S. 2000
42 Small Town Policing in Illinois: Strategies, Options, and Alternate Methods Johnson, R. 2000
43 Technology Needs of Rural School Psychologists Wise, P. Cruise, T. Kelly, R. 2000
44 Community Preparation for the Aging Population in Rural Illinois Straub, L. Clark, M.J. 1999
45 Agriculture and Local Economic Development Walzer, N. Merrett, C. Holmes, M. 1999
46 The Role of Informal Caregivers in the Health Care Decisions of Older Adults in Rural Communities Glasser, M. Prohaska, T. 1999
47 Health Behaviors of Elementary School Children in Rural Southern Illinois Sarvela, P. Monge, E. 1999
48 How Communities Build and Evaluate Social Capital Paszkiewicz, S. 1999
49 Student Suicide and Illinois’ Small Schools: Breaking the Silence Rittenmeyer, S. 1999
50 Innovation in Rural Illinois: Contracting Practices in Nonmetropolitan Counties Johnson, R. Walzer, N. 1998
51 Housing Options for Rural Elderly: Case Studies in Illinois Gruidl, J. Brown, R. Westerlund, C. Elgation, P. Dyrek, D. 1998
52 Conversion of School Buildings in Rural Illinois Communities Liebenstein, A. 1998
53 Consumer Satisfaction with Rural Pharmacy Services Straub, L. Hedger, D. 1998
54 Market-Driven Success Stories of Farmers: Collaborative and Innovative Strategies for Increasing Rural Sustainability Brussell, J. 1998
55 Demographic Trends in Rural Illinois: Growth, Decline, Stabilization, and Diversity Crump, J. 1998
56 The Community Reinvestment Act: Forging Partnerships Between Banks and Nonprofit Social Service Providers Merrett, C. Miller, T. 1998
57 Privatization of Government Services: Challenges and Issues for Small Communities Johnson, R. 1998
58 Teaching with the World Wide Web: Internet Resources for Educators in Illinois Schools Barker, B. Hall, R. 1998
59 Nine Strategies for Growing New, Small Firms Stark, N. 1997
60 Estimated Population Changes in Illinois Cities, 1990-1996 Walzer, N. 1997
61 Concerns for Educational Improvement in Illinois K-12 School Districts Hall, R. Pierson, M. 1997
62 Quality of Life in Rural Illinois Walzer, N. Beier, L. 1997
63 Helping Illinois Communities Help Themselves: Illinois Main Street, Competitive Communities Initiative, and MAPPING the Future of Your Community Hanna, R. 1997
64 New Age Cooperatives and Their Role in Rural Development:  USDA-Rural Development Program Doherty, M. 1997
65 The Incentives Behind Incentives Katona, C. Finkle, J. 1997
66 Marketing Your Community: Creating a Marketing Niche Wall, M. 1997
67 Access to Pharmacy Services in Rural Illinois Straub, L. Holmes, M. 1997
68 Low-Level Radioactive Waste in Rural Illinois: Social and Economic Impacts on Community Development Merrett, C. 1997
69 The Changing Rural Landscape of Illinois: Hispanic Immigrants in Rural Illinois Crump, J. 1997
70 Welfare to Work Programs in Illinois: Implications for Rural Community Development Merrett, C. 1997
71 Economic Trends in Rural Illinois Walzer, N. Crump, J. 1996
72 Community Foundations Serving Rural Areas Tice, K. 1996
73 An Assessment of Public and Human Service Transportation in Southern Illinois McQueen, J. 1996
74 Retiree Attraction: An Opportunity for Rural America House, S. 1996
75 Privatization of Municipal Services in Illinois Johnson, R. Walzer, N. 1996
76 Robinson High School’s Youth Apprenticeship Program:  Extending Learning Beyond the Four Walls Brotzman, B. 1996
77 Financing Township Services in the 1990s Johnson, R. Walzer, N. 1996
78 Rural Illinois in a Global Economy: The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment Merrett, C. 1996
79 Rural Illinois in the 1990s: On the Rebound? Johnson, K. Walzer, N. 1996
80 Community Planners, News Media Share Common Interests Schuttrow, C. 1996
81 Managed Care: Barrier or Opportunity for Rural Health. Straub, L. 1996
82 A Profile of Female-Owned Business Start-Ups in Downstate Illinois Gruidl, J. Merrett, C. 1995
83 Achieving Multicommunity Consolidation Kleiner, A. 1995
84 Case Studies in the Current Use of Technology in Education Hall, R. Barker, B. 1995
85 Poverty Conditions in Rural Illinois Crump, J. 1995
86 Changing Structure of Local Government in Illinois Walzer, N. 1995
87 Changes in Employment and Income in Illinois, 1987-1992 Walzer, N. Westerhold, B. 1995
88 Municipal Compliance with the American with Disabilities Act Johnson, R. Walzer, N. 1995
89 County Roads and Bridges in Illinois Walzer, N. York, L. 1995
90 Rural Schools and the Internet: Providing an  Barker, B. Hall, R. Wood, S. 1994
91 Hard Work and Low Wages: Earnings Among Rural Workers in Illinois Crump, J. 1994
92 Rural Illinois in the 1990s: A New Era? Walzer, N. Longwell, R. York, L. 1994
93 Rural Schools and Community Development Nachtigal, P. 1994
94 The Impact of Large Discount Stores on Retail Sales in Illinois Communities Gruidl, J. Kline, S. 1992
95 Competing With Rural Discount Centers Kline, S. 1991