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Some Empirical Aspects of Manufacturing Sector During the Covid-19 Pandemic Did Covid-19 shutter proportionally more small businesses (including manufacturing businesses) in the metro or the nonmetro? How do rural manufacturers […]

Rural Doctors Are Using Influence To Get Their Patients To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine Many county health departments are under-resourced, facing significant staffing shortages or don’t have the expertise to […]

Grocery store closing is part of a bigger issue The current situation in Nokomis is what some researchers, including Western Illinois University’s Sean Park, call a ‘food swamp.’ Park said, […]

US Health Map | Viz Hub This interactive health map will allow you to manipulate trends/data at the county level, such as the 21 major causes of death, through the […]

How Americans Encounter, Recall and Act Upon Digital News Pew Research Center, in association with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, asked respondents twice daily for a week, […]

The “Growing Threat” Of Agricultural Espionage   The FBI calls agricultural economic espionage “a growing threat” and some are worried that biotech piracy can spell big trouble for a dynamic and […]

Mapping the Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Every U.S. State The map shows much an American worker needs to earn per hour in each state to […]

Changing face of rural Illinois, future implications “A healthy farm economy needs a healthy rural economy,” said Chris Merrett, director of the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs at Western Illinois […]

WIU-QC to Host Small Business Development Center and International Trade Center Western Illinois University announced today (Feb. 28) that the University is expanding its Small Business Development Center (SBDC) operations, […]

Animated map shows the best and worst states to raise your family. Illinois ranks fourth in the nation for offering the highest median family salary.