Employers looking to tap the ‘labor reserve’ for new workers may need to be willing to meet them halfway on their needs Dr. Adee Athiyaman reports that about 26,000 rural […]

Rural Doctors Are Using Influence To Get Their Patients To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine Many county health departments are under-resourced, facing significant staffing shortages or don’t have the expertise to […]

Grocery store closing is part of a bigger issue The current situation in Nokomis is what some researchers, including Western Illinois University’s Sean Park, call a ‘food swamp.’ Park said, […]

Spring 2018

Transreport RTAC Notes RTAC Notes We recently held RTAC’s 16th Paratransit Roadeo in New Berlin. As the day unfolded I became more and more impressed with the event and the […]

Winter 2018

Transreport RTAC Notes “Customer service” is often the reason given when someone needs to differentiate between multiple business and retail options. If you want to find an automotive service company, […]

Fall 2017

Transreport RTAC Notes While the phrase  “What’s old is new again,” is most commonly a reference to materials or concepts that one has recently learned to enjoy, and which has […]

Summer 2017

Transreport IPTA Notes IPTA’s 2017 Fall Conference, hosted by Sangamon Mass Transit District in Springfield, has something of interest to everyone. Ecolane, our conference headline sponsor, has helped to create […]

Winter 2017

Transreport RTAC Notes Baby Boomers, longtime rural transit leaders who have been quite active in the Illinois Public Transportation Association (IPTA), have begun retiring. Anna Oestreich of Bond County, a […]

About half of American adults lived in middle-income households in 2014, according to anew Pew Research Center analysis of government data. More…