2018-2019 Publications


Dollar Stores in Illinois: Trading Areas, Consumer Behavior, and Impacts on Commercial Structure and Incumbent Retailers

The structure of the US retail sector is changing, the exit or closing rate of US malls has tripled in the
last few years and the 25% of the remaining malls are expected to close in the next seven years (Zomok,


A Microanalysis of Carpooling in Rural Illinois

The concept of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) has long been an attraction for policymakers wanting to minimize greenhouse gas emissions (cf. the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, 1991 (Jaskevich 2001)). Since carpooling reduces the number of single-occupancy vehicles (SOV) on the road, research is needed to identify approaches that would be useful in increasing carpools (Burbank and
Brinckerhoff (2009)).

Entrepreneurial Intensity

A common prescription for community economic development is to stimulate entrepreneurship (Audretsch
2007; Herman, 2018). This prescription is largely derived from global data that shows positive correlations
between the entrepreneurial activity of nations and their GDPs.