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    The RTAC Spring Conference is a one and one-half day event held annually at the Northfield Inn, Suites & Conference Center in Springfield. The Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation and the Illinois Public Transportation Association update attendees regarding grants and timely topics, and transit professionals present a variety of sessions aimed at educating rural public transportation grantees and specialized providers.RTAC Conference 2014 FTA Procurement Procedures

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RTAC Conference 2018

Please contact Jacqueline Waters, JS-Waters@wiu.edu, or 309.298.3319 for any of the following Spring Conference 2018 PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Illinois Department of Transportation Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Transit Asset Management: MAP-21 Responsibilities and Introduction to Group TAM Plan
  • Creating Transit Operations Policies: A Roadmap for Addressing Rural Transit Policies and Procedures to Keep You on the Right Track
  • Is Your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program In Compliance With DOT Regulations
  • Illinois Statewide Public Transportation Plan
  • The Growing Demand and Value For Public Transit in Rural Communities
  • Illinois Department of Transportation Office of Intermodal Project Implementation, Transit Operations Update
  • Title VI & Civil Rights

RTAC Conference 2014 Section 5329 Bus Safety Seminar

RTAC Conference 2014 Rural Medical Transportation Network Mobility Management Project

RTAC Conference 2013

Downstate Operating Assistance Program

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The RTAC Roadeo is held annually in New Berlin. Contestants participate in four events: written test, wheelchair securement, pre-trip inspection and driving. Although not everyone wins a trophy or plaque, each contestant does receive a t-shirt and lunch. The winner of each event is presented with a plaque. The first, second and third overall winner is presented with a trophy and a cash award. The first place winner also receives an all expense paid trip to participate in the National Roadeo that is sponsored by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA). Each year the National Roadeo is held at a different locale, such as Seattle, Philadelphia, Austin, St Louis, Reno, and New Orleans.

Drug and Alcohol

Training Opportunities for Rural Transit Providers