Partners for Conservation – Streambank Stabilization and Restoration Program (SSRP)

  • Steve Chard,
  • Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA)
  • P.O. Box 19281, State Fairgrounds
  • Springfield, IL 62794-9281
  • Phone: (217) 782-6297
  • Fax: (217) 557-0993
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Purpose of the Program

Streambank erosion, when left unchecked, can be responsible for the loss or damage to valuable farmland, wildlife habitat, plants, fish, buildings, roads, bridges, and other private structures and property. Streambank erosion is also a major source of sediments deposited in Illinois lakes, streams, and backwater areas, potentially reducing stream channel capacity, increasing flooding and streambank erosion, and reducing the depth and holding capacity of lakes and reservoirs. Excessive sedimentation can degrade water quality and destroy fish and wildlife habitat. The primary purpose of the SSRP is to demonstrate effective, low-cost vegetative, stone structure, and other bio-engineering techniques that may be used for stabilizing streambanks in suitable locations statewide. The program provides full funding for select demonstration projects and makes available cost-share funding to Illinois landowners to stabilize or restore qualifying severely eroding streambanks.

Who is Eligible

All landowners and project sites (rural and urban) throughout Illinois are eligible for either cost-sharing or demonstration program assistance. The project site must meet the assessment and selection criteria for streambank stabilization and use approved low-cost, vegetative, stone structure, and/or other bio-engineering techniques. All project proposals must be sponsored and submitted by the local Soil and Water Conservation District. Technical assistance will be provided by qualified SWCD or Technical Specialists approved by the IDOA.

Application Process

Available from the Department of Agriculture by phone or fax or at each SWCD office.

Availability of Funds

$125,000 in FY 2013

How Funds are to be used

The program emphasizes the use of cost-effective streambank stabilization techniques using vegetative materials, stone structures, and other bio-engineering techniques. Labor, equipment, and material costs are eligible for all SSRP projects.

Types of Assistance

Technical Assistance cost-share dollars

Year Program was established