Business Development Public Infrastructure Program (BDPIP)

  • Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO)
  • 500 E Monroe,
  • Springfield, IL 62701-1643
  • Phone: 217-785-6193
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Purpose of the Program

The BDPIP program is designed to provide grants to units of local government for public improvements on behalf of businesses undertaking a major expansion or relocation project.

Who is Eligible

Units of general govt – municipalities, twsp., counties. Infrastructure projects may be financed as loans. Review of local government audit in identifying a financial gap and the ability to service debt. In the case of a loan, loans will be at a fixed, low or no interest rate not to exceed 10 years.

Application Process

Potential local government applicants should carefully review the application package and program requirements and are encouraged to contact department staff to discuss project ideas and fund availability. These discussions can help in determining the appropriateness of this program and whether other public or private sources may better meet community needs.

How Funds are to be used

Public infrastructure is provided in order to accommodate the company””s ability to either create and/or retain its existing jobs.  Examples include, but not limited to water, sewer and road improvements.

Types of Assistance

Grants Loans